"My friends and I would always argue about handicaps and who gets a stroke on which hole. One of my friends didn't even keep a handicap… way too complicated. With GPI we just keep total points per hole per team. So simple and fun. First time we used it, it came down to the last putt."
Rob L.
GPI 22

"Too many rounds are ruined by a handful of blowup holes. With GPI, I book my points and look forward to each hole in order to get more points. It has kept me way more engaged in the entire round."
David H.
GPI 10.2

"I never understood why a birdie was only rewarded as one stroke less than a par even though it was many times harder to achieve. With GPI, am not getting any more birdies, but at least I am rewarded fairly and equitably when I do."
Jeff W.
GPI 14.5

"I have never kept a handicap before. Just too discouraging to have to enter all those high numbers. Now with GPI, I score points for my good holes and don't have to worry about all the disaster holes. I love this system!"
Karen A.
GPI 7.8

"I love that it keeps track of the GPI on my home course compared to my GPI on other courses. Now I have a course rating which is customized to my game."
Dan B.
GPI 19.7

"Every sport I play is all about getting points. I love that GPI allows me to earn and accumulate points on every hole. Even with only a few holes to go, I know that I have the chance to add to my total without going backwards."
Diane R.
GPI 11.7

"What I love is that I can play as many or as few holes as I want. I enter my point total for 7 holes or 15 holes, and GPI does the calculation. Each hole is treated as a stand alone so I don't have to play 9 or 18 in order to register a score."
Ron Z.
GPI 15.2

"I found the GPI scoring system refreshing. It gave me a positive experience when scoring with it. Instead of focusing on my errors (i.e. double bogeys) ad ruining my score card. It rewarded me when I played well, and did not penalize me when "I blew up a hole". Really good for high handicap players."
Paul G.
GPI 10.5

"I used the GPI scoring system for the first time last week. Knowing that I could get 1/2 for a double bogey really kept me motivated and grinding on each hole. Although I didn't get that many points, I entered my score and now have a bar to shoot for. Can't wait to see if I can beat my score and increase my GPI next time I play."
Josh K.
GPI 2.4